Easy Fit Modifications


FDI has developed the following range of Easy Fit Modifications (contoured postings) for use with the FDI range of orthotics.


    A   Forefoot Lateral Wedge (Sizes: S, L)

    B   Plantar Pad (Sizes: M)

    C   Met Dome Plus (Sizes: M)

    D   Met Pad (Sizes: S, L)

    E   Arch Cookie (Sizes: S, L)

    F   Rearfoot Wedge (Sizes: S, L)

    G  Heel Raise (Sizes: S, L)

FDI Easy Fit Modifications can be glued on in seconds to achieve a professional looking fit without grinding or shaping (refer image right). They can also be modified to meet the specific needs of the patient.


Available in packs of 5 pairs. Easy Fit Modifications are available in either one size fits all (M) or two sizes (S, L) to best cover the full range of FDI orthotics while minimising stock requirements.


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