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At Foot Diagnostics International (FDI) our aim is to make the best orthotic system using the latest science and materials.


Enhancing optimal foot and lower limb biomechanics has multiple benefits. Efficiency and comfort can be improved. The incidence of injuries can also be reduced while promoting the healing of damaged tissue.


The human foot has 26 bones, 20 muscles and 106 ligaments. These weight-bearing structures are prone to damaging repetitive stress. This ranges from daily functional use through to extreme activities and sports.


FDI Orthotics


FDI orthotics support the foot and lower limb to prevent foot fatigue and facilitate motion throughout the kinetic chain.


They can be used to treat mechanical misalignment, improve lower limb kinematics, reduce tissue stress that predisposes to foot and lower limb injury, and aid in pain reduction. At the same time, they are engineered to provide superior levels of comfort, cushioning, flexibility and durability.


FDI has developed a range of orthotics to accommodate the symptoms commonly presented to podiatrists.


FDI Modifications


FDI has also developed a full range of Easy Fit Modifications (contoured postings) for use with the FDI range of orthotics.


FDI Easy Fit Modifications can be glued on in seconds to achieve a professional looking fit without grinding or shaping.


They can also be modified to meet the specific needs of the patient.


Design Features


FDI orthotics are designed for optimum comfort, durability and performance without compromising natural foot function.


Design features include:

  • Low profile & pitch height

  • Flat base

  • First ray facilitation

  • Forefoot lateral posting

  • Lateral arch

  • Rearfoot design


FDI Premium Orthotic
FDI Premium Orthotic

FDI Premium Plus Orthotic
FDI Premium Plus Orthotic

FDI Premium & Three Quarter Orthotic
FDI Premium & Three Quarter Orthotic

FDI Premium Orthotic
FDI Premium Orthotic